Robertsbridge and Salehurst Helping Hands is a local charity organised and run by volunteers - 07726 592739

In normal circumstances, as a Helping Hands volunteer you can choose what you would like to help with and how much time you can give.


Villagers needing assistance can call a central number (07726 592739) and ask for help. This phone is manned by a volunteer who is known as "The Phone Holder". Requests are often for help with transport, shopping, collecting prescriptions, gardening, cooking, small jobs (like changing a light bulb) etc.

      How Does it Work?

The phone holder then looks at the database of volunteers under the task requested e.g. shopping, and calls or emails a volunteer on the list to see if they can help.

That’s it – there is no pressure, but we are very grateful for any help you can give. We provide you with official ID, a Helping Hands Volunteers Handbook and contact numbers. You will need a DBS certificate if you don’t already have one, but we can organise that for you. We publish a regular newsletter to keep you updated on the scheme and have occasional social events so that you can meet other volunteers.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we also have "Street Champions" who villagers can call if they need assistance. Their number is found on the                                     card distributed to all households. If they cannot help they will forward the request to Helping Hands volunteers to assist.
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