How does it work?
As a volunteer you can choose what you would like to help with and how much time you can give.

Villagers needing assistance call a central number [which is manned by a volunteer] and ask for help. Requests are often for help with transport, shopping, gardening, cooking, befriending, small jobs [like changing a light bulb] etc.

The phone holder then looks at the database of volunteers under the task requested e.g. shopping and calls a volunteer on the list to see if they can help.

That’s it – you’re not pressured but we are very grateful for any help you can give. We provide you with official ID, a volunteers handbook and contact numbers for you. You will need a DBS certificate if you don’t already have one, but we can organise that for you. We publish a regular newsletter to keep you updated on the scheme and have occasional social events so that you can meet other volunteers.
How does it work?
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